Unique Gift Boxes for Embracing the Beginning

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Our Goal

To promote reading & writing, and to impel one to honor their fellow man.

Our Purpose

We are committed to exercising our natural born talents and abilities to encourage people as they face the perplexities and milestones life has to offer.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to establishing a trend-setting approach for celebrating life.

We are a family based business dedicated to helping people achieve their gift-giving desires by offering unique gift boxes over the Internet with the core purpose of celebrating and embracing people during climacteric times in their lives.

We have a genuine concern for adults, children, and the generations to come ~ our zeal is to encourage individuals of all nations to know that they should feel good about themselves in spite of the "growing pains" they experience as they walk through their life's journey. As a Mother of three, a Grandmother of nine, and an Author, Stacie is the eighth of nine children. She understands the importance of what it means to be encouraged and affirmed.

We endeavor to celebrate people in a positive and productive way through offering you, our prospective gift-giver, the opportunity to present a gift box to that special individual in your life. A couple marries, a child is born, one graduates, another turns 50 - all are superb ideas to encourage one to celebrate. But, there is another category to impel one to honor their fellow man, one that has been ignored for centuries - the celebration of "embracing the beginning - adolescence"! Recognizing the transition from childhood to adulthood is the motivating force behind LilyAnna's FirstFruits.

All of our gift boxes receive personal handling and tender loving care. As an added bonus, all boxes include an autographed copy of your book of choice, and a unique gift card announcing you as the gift-giver.

LilyAnna's FirstFruits is dedicated to establishing a trend-setting approach for celebrating life. We invite you to explore the rest of our site, become the most excellent gift-giver, and please enjoy your visit!


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