Unique Gift Boxes for Embracing the Beginning

...an Able offering


The Lil' Lady and the Young Gent Go to the Mall

This paperback novel is a short story where Ileane and Joe, two thirteen year olds, have lived on the same block since kindergarten.  This book is written through Ileane's eyes, a young lady, who has accepted the downfalls of life as well as the blessings.  The importance of being obedient to parents along with those in authority, and the introduction to adolescence is explored.  As the story develops, they experience life-changing events that develops their character, enhances their self-esteem, promotes self-awareness, and exposes how they care for each other.

Children's Journal

We created this journal to give our youth the opportunity to jot down their daily thoughts, desires, goals, and prayers ~ a private, personal dialogue between themselves designed to help them keep in touch with their inner self.

The Bittersweet Truth

Written with a mature audience in mind, this compilation of 77 adult poems in paperback & hardcover form, have been created with everyday living experiences in mind; some in humorous ways and some in more serious ways.  Just as some of us enjoy foods that are bitter sweet such as sugar-dipped limes, honey roasted asparagus, pork with jelly or lemon and honey; so we can learn to enjoy life as it serves us bitter sweet portions of triumphs and tragedies as we travel through uncharted territories.

These poems are designed to lift your spirits as well as encourage and strengthen you.  You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what circumstances is set apart for you to face on any given day, that you have the ability to prevail.  You will then be able to help someone else when the aroma set apart for them causes travail. 

Adult Journal

 We have created this book with the adult in mind to assist them in remaining focused and organized,   It is a scientific fact that while writing, we are using the left side of our brain which is the rational and analytical part of the mind.  Writing removes mental blocks in the right brain (which is the artistic part) and releases creativity so we can see our problems and projects in a new light.  Journaling and keeping track of all the great things we have done aids in the development of our memory,  which will inevitably boost our self-esteem.